what is prf?

What is PRF and what is it used for?

PRF, or platelet-rich fibrin, is the next-generation treatment of platelet concentrate. PRF is a fibrin matrix comprised of platelet cytokines, growth factors, and cells used to help promote skin rejuvenation, hair growth, and wound healing.

Platelet-rich fibrin, or PRF, is completely natural and rejuvenates the appearance of your face. Using a concentration of your blood (PRF), you can restore a more youthful, and smooth appearance for long-term results. These growth factors also continue to work overtime, therefore promoting the generation of new collagen. This treatment is best done in a series to achieve the best results.

A small amount of blood is drawn and then placed in the PRF centrifuge. The PRF is spun at a lower speed necessary to keep white blood cells and stem cells together with the blood platelets and plasma. The PRF is then extracted and ready to be used with Procell Microchanneling. PRF works on a simple premise, utilizing your natural platelets to instruct the body to create new collagen for tighter, smoother, and better-toned skin.

The effects of PRF can be seen with skin rejuvenation but if you are looking for hair restoration this is a simple solution that works. It uses your natural blood plasma to stimulate growth factors that will produce more hair where it has been thinning.

How do I know which is right for me?

PRF should be considered if looking for a natural procedure to stimulate collagen or regrow thinning hair that uses no manmade products. Platelet-rich fibrin can be used instead of traditional undereye filler or in addition to lessen dark circles, fill hollowness, and help fill the nasolabial (smile smiles).

One benefit to PRF, platelet-rich fibrin versus PRP is that you do not have to draw as much blood. PRP requires more blood to be taken than PRF and newer research shows that a higher platelet concentration along with an increased number of white blood cells and stem cells, has more healing factors than traditional platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The use of PRF uses one’s growth factors to help regenerate collagen and reverse the signs of aging. The PRF releases slower and therefore adds an even longer anti-aging effect.

Our PRF Vampire Facial will enhance the body’s natural healing effect by producing more collagen, giving you tighter, smoother, and better-toned skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced as well as a deceased appearance of scars. You will get an all-over facial rejuvenation!

To see if the PRF treatment is right for you and your concerns, we recommend booking a Skin Consultation to evaluate and recommend the best treatment for you!

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