Over the counter vs Professional Grade Products

Good skincare is 80% of home care and 20% of professional monthly treatments! 
Just like losing weight, 80% is eating habits and 20% is the gym, it’s the same with skincare!
This blog topic is to educate consumers on the difference between OTC products vs Professional-Grade.
The skincare market can be extremely overwhelming and confusing. Not only are there tons of skincare products to choose from, but they are not all created equally and it can be difficult to understand the differences in price and quality of carrying products. At Boston Skincare, we only recommend high-quality and professional-grade skincare, and as an esthetician, I want to explain why professional-grade products are superior.
1.) Professional products are PACKED with concentrated, high-quality ingredients.
Market products are cheaper & may claim to have great ingredients in them, but the fact is that professional products will have a higher concentration of high-quality active ingredients than over-the-counter or OTC products.  This ensures that you will get far better results from the professional products.  In this case, you do truly get what you pay for. They have high research standards, and purity, and are safely regulated by the FDA.
2.) Professional Products are made in smaller batches.
When products are made in smaller batches it ensures that the ingredients are fresh, with fewer preservatives.  One of the reasons mass-market skincare brands are cheaper is that they are made in large batches and the savings are passed on to the consumer.
3.) Over-the-counter skincare companies pack their products with fillers
Professional products should never contain fillers, dyes, or inexpensive oils that can clog the pores and cause irritation. OTC products are formulated with lower concentrations of active ingredients and with fillers that dilute the formulation.
4.) Department store products are made for “one size fits all” skin.
Professional products are made to fit very specific skin conditions and skin types.  This is why we always recommend participating in our virtual consultation! We can help you customize a skincare routine to meet your unique skin issues.
5.) Over-the-counter skincare products are backed with tons of money in advertising, marketing, and jargon to get you to purchase.
Professional products are backed by effective ingredients that provide visible results. No hype, just real results!
6.) They are designed for maximum penetration. 
The skin features a protective barrier that prevents large molecules from penetrating the skin. BY LAW, OTC products are only designed to penetrate the uppermost layer of your skin. OTC products can’t penetrate the skin barrier- they may superficially relieve surface skin concerns, but only professional products have small enough molecules to deliver clinical results.
Boston Skincare is your local spa ready to start your skincare journey with you! Remember, Be-YOU-tiful!

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