treating acne with boston skincare

To treat and control acne, we must first understand what is acne and how it’s caused. If you are unsure, please check out our brief blog post called What is Acne? There are two successful treatments that are used to treat acne, they are Aviclear Laser and Acne Bootcamp. Ideally, when both treatments are implemented together, this gives the best results possible for treating acne!

Aviclear Laser ensures the sebaceous glands are being treated directly every 4-6 weeks. As we recall from our What is Acne blog, this is the main source of inflammation. Acne Bootcamp then ensures acne-safe products are being used at home daily to keep the pores clean. Acne Bootcamp also ensures you are following lifestyle changes that are implemented on a daily basis to help prevent any acne inflammation triggers. 

Treating acne on your own can be difficult and at times discouraging. It does take an Acne Specialist which years of experience to guide you through this journey!

Please use our Online Booking to schedule a Consultation for more information. We look forward to controlling your acne together! 

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